The Mainly Mindful 60 Day Meditation Challenge: Week 7 – Wheel of Awareness

Meditation Challenge Week 7 Wheel of Awareness

The Mainly Mindful 60 Day Meditation Challenge: Week 7 – Wheel of Awareness

Remember the mixed tape?

The mixed tape was one of my favorite things from the 90s. I still have a deep appreciation for a mixed tape because it represents such a generous and thoughtful gift. If a friend made you a mixed tape, you knew they spent at least 2 hours in their bedroom, selecting a special mix of songs just for you, and pressing the Play/Record button over and over again to make you their creation.

This week I bring you a meditation mixed tape of sorts: the wheel of awareness.

I didn’t sit in my room making this meditation mixed tape for two hours, but I hope you enjoy it and find it to be a thoughtful addition to your mindfulness toolkit.

This meditation is often referred to as a mixed tape because it combines a few different styles of meditation – many of which we have already practiced during our 8-week challenge – into one long meditation jam. If you can’t choose which style of meditation you want to practice, you can pick the wheel of awareness and you’ve covered a good amount of mindfulness ground.

The Wheel of Awareness was created by Dr. Dan Siegel who is a doctor and mindfulness researcher.

In this meditation we are guided to focus on different levels of awareness, using a wheel as imagery. In the centre of the wheel is our breath which is a point of awareness we can always return to.

We are then guided to focus on other points of attention:

I bet all of this sounds familiar.

As we near the end of our challenge, it’s good to start reflecting on the mediation tools we’ve covered. This mixed tape is a nice summary of some of the different techniques we have practiced in our challenge.

Your Guided Meditation Assignment

This one is long. 22-25 minutes. You got this!

If it is not possible to find this much time to meditate for 6 days this week, don’t sweat it. Do your best. Try this out at least once and fill in the other days using any of the shorter meditations we’ve practiced in previous weeks.

You have two choices to practice the wheel of awareness. One is with Dan Siegel, creator of this meditation, which can be found on YouTube. For our other choice, we can turn to our trusty Insight Timer app.

Wheel of Awareness – Dan Siegel (You can access this one on YouTube)

Wheel of Awareness – Lisa Abramson (You can access this one using the Insight Timer app)

Have a great week and stick with it. You’re in the home stretch now!

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