The Mainly Mindful 60 Day Meditation Challenge: Week 5 – Mountain Meditation

Meditation Challenge Week 5 Mountain Meditation

The Mainly Mindful Meditation Challenge: Week 5 – Mountain Meditation

You’re half way through. 30 days done, 30 to go.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to celebrate that you’re doing this. Congrats for sticking to the challenge, and most importantly, for taking a little time every day for your health and well being. This is no small thing in today’s busy world.

As a recap: we are practicing mindfulness meditation to cultivate present moment awareness. We do this by focusing our attention on something specific – in Week One we focused on breath, and in Week Two on body sensations.

This week we will try another type of meditation that helps us practice our focus and attention, and in so doing, a sense of calm and a state of non doing. Instead, we practice just being. Moment by moment. These ideas sounded like new age woo-woo when I first started meditating, but I have come to appreciate the practice for the real and noticed effects in my life. I hope you’re starting to feel some too.

This week the subject of focus in our meditation is visualizing ourselves as a mountain.

For some people using a visualization can be a nice alternative to following the breath or body sensations. If you find you are a more visual person you might be able to focus on the visualization of a mountain more easily, but yet others still find it easier to focus on the breath or the body, or it may vary depending on the day. Think of this meditation as another tool in the mindfulness tool kit. 

What I love most about this meditation is the mountain as a metaphor: even when the mountain is battered by the wind, or drenched with rain, its rock-hard interior remains stable and calm. As you visualize yourself as a mountain, allow this metaphor to carry into your day.

As usual, as we meditate, our minds will wander because that’s what minds do – that is perfectly normal. At some point you will notice that your mind has wandered and you will pull yourself back to the visualization of the mountain. This is the point of meditation! Not to stop your mind from wandering but to NOTICE what your mind is up to.

Be kind to yourself and have a little internal celebration when you notice your mind has wandered.

I can’t underscore how important this is. For many of us the default mode is to silently curse ourselves and beat ourselves up when the mind wanders. Don’t do it! Celebrate. The magic is in the noticing.

As you build a habit of noticing a busy mind, that habit will follow you right into your day to day life. Suddenly you start spending more of your life awake, aware and in the present moment.

Your Guided Meditation Assignment

For this meditation, your posture should be inspired by a mountain. If possible, it’s preferable to sit cross-legged, back straight but relaxed, hands in lap or knees. An upright and dignified mountain.

And since we are halfway through our program, the meditation is a little longer because I know by now you can do this! Practice the mountain meditation 6 days this week:

Mountain Meditation – Andy Hobson (15 Minutes)

NOTE: You can’t play the full meditation using the links above, you’ll need to use the Insight Timer app to access the full recording. I’m just sharing the links above so you know what you’re searching for. It’s easiest to find the meditations by searching the teachers name.

Have a great week. Be kind to yourself.

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