Hi! I'm Leah

I’m a mainly mindful, mostly happy and often positive kind of human. But sometimes not.

I live near Toronto with my husband and geriatric cat.

For fun, I love to travel and leave my comfort zone for a little adventure. I like to get outside, get some exercise, ride my bike, go sailing, take photos, meditate, listen to live music, eat good food and drink good beer, and spend time with my favorite humans.

For work, I am a policy wonk/nerd, city planner and environmental sustainability enthusiast. I volunteer as a public speaking teacher. You may note that the fun list is a lot longer.

I read a lot. I read about psychology, sociology, politics, mindfulness, neuroscience, personal growth and anything that helps me understand what makes people tick and how this wonderful world works.

My purpose in life is somewhere in the neighbourhood of building a kinder and more compassionate world, building community and supporting my fellow humans in any way I can. I’m practicing every day to get more clarity on this purpose.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Let’s learn from each other.


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