The Mainly Mindful Meditation Challenge: 60 Days of Meditation

The Mainly Mindful Meditation Challenge

The Mainly Mindful Meditation Challenge: 60 Days of Meditation

60 day meditation challenge

Labour Day Weekend has always felt like the year New Year to me. September = a new school year, new sweaters, new notebooks and new beginnings. The decades spent in the school system have trained my mind to think of September as the real time of year for resolutions and new starts.

September is also a time of year where the treadmill of life starts moving a little faster for most of us. Routines that were lost over the summer months are re-established, the vacation bank is drained, the calendar fills up and as a result it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed.

Our minds toggle between clinging to the summer vacation of the recent past, or lurching forward to the to-do list that must be conquered. We are not living in the moment. It is so easy to become mainly mindless.

Fear not my friends, I have a balm to soothe your frazzled soul: The Mainly Mindful 60 Day Meditation Challenge.

This meditation challenge is a little toolkit full of short meditation practices to help you stay calm, focused, joyful and compassionate during the busy transition back to real not-on-summer-vacation-anymore life.

I know, I know… this sounds like something else to add to the to-do list. And it is. But I promise it will take minimal time every day – around 10 minutes – and in trade for that 10 minutes I’m confident you’ll see some benefits. Namely the aforementioned calm, focus, joy and compassion that comes from training your brain through meditation. If you don’t believe me, check the science.

Here’s how this meditation challenge works:

  • Every weekend I will post your “assignment” for the week. This will include an introduction to a different type of mindfulness meditation and a recommended guided meditation every week.
  • All recommended guided meditations will be available on Insight Timer – a totally free and totally amazing resource. You’ll just need to download the app for free onto your smartphone or tablet.
  • You will do your assigned meditation every day for 6 days. On day 7 if you need to take a rest from meditation, take the day off.
  • Repeat the process every week for 8 weeks, trying each of the different meditation styles covered.
  • Finally, and most importantly, notice any changes you’re experiencing as you build your meditation practice.

That’s it.

It’s incredibly simple, yet not necessarily easy. Forming new habits can be hard. My advice is to have an open mind, be kind to yourself and see what happens in 8 weeks.

All meditations will be around 10 minutes long so you can reasonably fit them into your day. For what it’s worth, I recommend doing it as soon as you wake up in the morning before the day and to-do list can take over. I find a morning meditation sets a great tone for the day. But not to worry – if you can fit your meditation in on your train ride commute, lunch break, or any other time during the day, that’s great too.

The objective is to meditate. Don’t overthink or try to make it perfect.

This program is excellent for those who are new to meditation and don’t know where to start, or those who have meditated in the past but want to add a few new techniques or recommit to regular practice.

Give it a go. We find 10 minutes in a day to brush our teeth to keep our mouths healthy. We find 10 minutes in a day to eat food to keep our bodies healthy. We find ten minutes (and then some!) to stare at our smartphones screens and do all sorts of things that aren’t healthy.

So let’s find 10 minutes in a day to keep our minds healthy.

And let’s do this together. Message below or message me directly if you want to discuss your progress, successes and challenges with me or others in the Mainly Mindful community. Full Disclosure: I’m not a meditation teacher, but I’ve spent lots of time meditating and studying meditation and would love to help and support you in any way I can.

The first meditation will get posted this weekend. Have fun and happy September.

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